Monday, July 8, 2013

Vanessa Perspective Student.

The boy was feeling determined, climbing the towering mountain. He was precariously dangling on the rock, nervous he might die. “Hopefully I will make it to the dojo as he was dangling on the leach. ” he said. After climbing that towering mountain he was relieved when he made it to the top.

When the boy got to the dojo the boy was anxious. “Boom boom boom” the sound of the big door when the boy knocked it. The sense opened the door, the boy was hoping he will get into the dojo. The sense pointed to the side door. The boy felt that he could prove sense he deserves to be in the karate class.

Just then the boy was calmed. He thought to himself he will be worthy. The boy meditate throughout the night and day. He frowned then his eyes squinted looking like he was getting ready to fight the master. As the boy was meditating the boy kicked the door and the master was there and he was showing  his moves so he could show the master he deserves to be in the karate club.

At the last time the man pointed. The boy looked it said please use the side door.  

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