Thursday, July 4, 2013

Caroline and Vanessa Goldilocks and the three bears.

Once upon a time Goldilocks went to visit her nanny's it was probably kilometers away from her house the street was 49c Rowena crest. While she was walking she saw three little bears she no idea who they were. As the three little bears were walking they saw a flash house that no one was inside.

They walked on the footpath that lead them to goldilocks house, they suddenly open the door and checked out her lounge. As they were in the lounge they saw a playstation, iphone 4, laptop and also a 52 inch television.

When they saw it they lift it up and put it outside next to the steps. Soon later they went upstairs and checked out her room. They try to sleep on Goldilocks bed, they couldn’t fit but only the granddaughter could. They went downstairs and they took the playstation, laptop, iphone and the 52 inch television to their own house.

Soon later Goldilocks returned home and she opened the door but there was nothing there! One day she went out and spied on some houses and finally found the right house, it was the three bears.

No one was inside their house so she went inside and saw all the things that were stolen from her. Goldilocks became upset and began to cry.

She went upstairs and saw porridge on the table, she ate it and she saw a small chair that was just right for her. She then walked upstairs and into their room and saw three beds. There were three different sizes, King size, Queen size and a single bed. FIrst she tried the king size but it was too big and uncomfortable for her, then she tried the queen size bed but it still wasn’t right for her. FInally tried the single bed and it was just right. She felt so comfortable, she pulled the blanket up and snuggled up with the pillows and fell asleep.

Suddenly the bears came home, they a saw the granddaughter;s porridge was clean and empty. They then saw that the chair wa broken, after seeing this they climbed upstairs. Much to their surprise they saw someone underneath the blanket, Goldilocks heard them and jumps up onto the single bed, breaking it. She then get’s her hands into position ready to defend herself.

The Grandmother notices how scared and angry Goldilocks was and comforts her. Goldilocks was surprised and asked her nicely if she could have her things returned to her.
The bears kindly gave it back, and now they are the best of friends.

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