Friday, April 12, 2013

The Fiafia Practice.

For the last 4 weeks Pt England School has being practising Fiafia. It is really fun and the group I'm in is Hip-hop.  Our tutor's name is Loral.  She is really good. We have learnt a lot of moves and I'm sure I'm not quite ready.   There is going to be a lot of people watching and taking pictures. That's when I feel nervous .

Today we had practice the whole 1 hour when morning tea was finish. I was happy because I think I'm abet lost on the dance. So after morning tea I ran to my teacher so she could tick my name of the check-list and then I go to my group. My group is big but we didn't have that much space in the street. But we had to bunch up.

Then we had to go over and over and over the whole dance until we are perfect, in time and everybody got it. After we were finished we just talked when is our practice what time so to remind you. I like my group. Because some moves are funny and I don't like it but I'll get used to it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cook Island Dance.

On Friday there was a item from the Cook Island group. There was some professional drummers and they were really good and really fast. As they were talking up on the stage with his team I saw four pretty girls in Cook Island Uniform and it was awesome. When I was looking at them I could see two students from our class and some other older teenager.

BOOM BOOM BA DA DA goes the drums I could see the four girls shaking their bottom while there coming onto the stage. The one the came first up she was really good. And she had a sister that was next to her. Her name is Kimberly and she is really good.

When I was watching them I could see that a student from our school Turuhira  she was very confused and got some moves wrong. But unless she gave it her best shot and she was smiling. After a few dance they finish. The man that was leading the Cook Island drumming he just said thank you to our school and for the opportunity for to come and drum for the Cook Island Group.
And then it was finish.