Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vanessa Paralympics.

Yesterday on Monday Room fifteen went outside straight after lunch time. When we got there we played a sprinting game we had to sprint as fast as we can all the way to the end then we came back. Then our teacher Mr Marks told us to get an band. After that we had to put it around our waste and tack in our any right handed or left. When we all finish doing it Mr Marks said go. There I was sprinting my hardest and it felt weird without my left hand but it was fun.  

Me and my partner Annliz were so excited because we were winning all our games.  I was guessing what we were going to do next. I was giggling so much because of the first game we were playing because how Johnathan was running he and I was running like we were dancing. I saw my teacher laughing to.

There we were to the last event we were playing  game who can throw the farthest with one leg. Wow it was pretty hard it was my turn to throw I was scared. Mr Marks said “go” I took my time Then i throwed the ball and guess what i came FIRST PLACE.


  1. Hey vanessa,
    Nice work on that writing about paralympic next time check on your spelling.

  2. Hey vanessa

    I like your story and how you did it i like it so much keep it up.

  3. Hi Vanessa,
    Great work but also check your spelling mistakes.By Vanessa I hope to see more work on your blog next time.

  4. hi vanessa I like your writing

  5. Hello Vanessa, I am writing you all the way from Mobile, Alabama, from the United States! I enjoyed your blog post! It's always interesting to test yourself to see what your capable of doing. It is strange to do something you've never tried to do, right? Keep up the good work!


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