Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alien Pet Shop....

One afternoon i was playing with my friend called Makalita outside with my Puppy pet his name was Talise. We were having so much fun that my friends mother came over and said to Makalita its dinner it's time to go home. After that we said our goodbyes then me and Talise went inside. Then we ate and watched a movie called Fat Albert. Talise went to sleep early in our room i was worried, i didn't know why i was worried then i went to check on him. “Oh no he's gone what do i do now”? I asked myself. I ran up the front to the restroom and told my parents they were shocked. Then we ran outside and shout for his name “Talise, Talise we said then we saw two aliens  dragging him into the spaceship. “WOW i've never seen a aliane in my life i said”.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clay Frames.

When i got into the working studio i shocked because there was so many cool art work. There was a art work that was made out of glass and it was a turtle. Then i saw a bowl made out of clay!! WOW that is so cool. Then two ladies called Sui and georgia said take a set. Then they showed us how a clay looked like. After that she showed us some other people’s artwork that was made out of clay. It was shining, tidy, and beautiful it felt like a hard stone. Then we had to draw a picture that can go inside our frame. I did a heart because i love heart they are cute and pretty and love RED!! When i finish i went and put some glass on the top of my clay frame.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Claude Monet Painting.

Claude Monet was a french painter. He enjoys painting the same subject and landscape and cityscape, in different times and season. He does Impressionist painting that can change colours and light.

Monet created a beautiful water garden at Giverny and used it over and over again. He likes the way the water is constantly changing and moving.

The famous painting of of the Japanese bridge showing an arched bridge crossing a pond. The pond was surrounded by trees and shrubs which reflect in the pond when the season changes.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rugby Traning

Yesterday on Wednesday we were training  for rugby. It was hard, I never thought it would be that hard. We ran around the field three times.

I was so tired I tried to take a shortcut. Then we took a rest just for 30 seconds, then we stretched and practicing doing the scum. Some of the year eight’s had to get down.

And the year seven girls do a acle. Then the bell rang. The girls made a cheer.