Monday, November 14, 2011

Sun facts

I have been doing facts about sun facts on wordle. Also I have used the most Important words.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


When we heard that my grandpa had a operation at Hamilton I felt bad because I didn’t know what kind of operation.

When we got there at my Grandpa’s house my family wasn’t there. After that we got message from my auntie that they were at the Hospital early.I said to my self “I don’t like going to the Hospital”.

I went inside the Hospital it smelled like rotten stuff.I told my mum and dad if I can stay in the car wile they go inside.But I new my mum and dad will say no but I still asked “can I stay inside the car” No!.We went inside and we told the lady what room is my Grandpa in they said room 4.I was sceard to walk wher the hall ways because I could see other people and i saw a lady with no eye.It was so creepy.

When we got inside room 4 my grandpa was lieing on the bed resting.I still didn’t go inside.But I had to go and do the pray for him.Then I got used to staying inside the room.

I was happy at the end because he gets to come back home.