Tuesday, September 24, 2013

So Good To Me... Carol and Nessa

Chris Malinchak - SO GOOD TO ME

Just before the sun was about to rise, I jumped out of bed with an enormous smile on my face and ran down stairs as quickly as I could. Before I opened my back door I felt butterflies floating around in my tummy, I was excited as ever to see my pet. As I ran onto our lawn my  butterflies were slowly floating away. My smile disappeared.

I looked from the top of the pole down to the end of the rope I  just realised that my pet had escaped from his home.  As soon as I knew that my pet had escaped I walked straight into my house. I sat on my bed and buried my face underneath my arms while eyes were full of tears.

I grabbed some crayons and some A3 papers and started to create some posters about my lost pet. While I was sticking them everywhere I went door knocking to ask people if they have seen my pet around. I turned around and there he was. He had been behind my back with a smile on his face.  I gave him a huge hug. Finally my pet and I walked home with a smile on our faces.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Last week on Sunday night getting ready to sleep for school on Monday. But when my mum came into my room and said that I won't be going to school because my uncle pasted away so I had to stay and go over to my uncle's because my family was all gonna meet there.

The same time I was sad and angry because I don't get to go school for the whole week. And have to go to this funeral. I woke up my brothers and sisters getting ready to school and I said to my mum "how come they get to go school". My mum said because they are to young to do the chores and plus my mum is going work.

So my mum rang my nan and papa to come pick me up so I could go with them to the funeral. I was more getting angry because when I have to wake up on the next week I  have to wake up earlier because my nan and papa lived far so I come to school early and not stay in at lunchtime writing lines.

When me my nan and papa got home I went back to sleep. Because I know the funeral meeting is going to be long. I woke up my nan was having a shower getting ready to go so I decided to go have a shower and get ready. After I had shower I got ready lava-lava on and put my jandles on and ready to go.

We got there and had to go inside I was to scared so I just went in the garage and played with my cousins. I got tired again and being lazy so I went back in the car and sleep.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Yesterday on Thursday Pt England had a cross country at 1:00 pm. When the bell rang I ran to my class to get ready for cross country. Once when we got to the courts we had to go in our year's I was nervous because we all year 7 girls had to run together. I finely found were all the year 7 girls were "Let us pray"said Mr Burt. After Mr Burt did the prayer the 5 year old started the race.

It was so hot watching the little kid's run so Mrs Nua decided to take us into the shade. There I was cheering for my Team House colour 'TAINUI' my voice at the same time struggled to yell our chant I said to my friends " Don't worry Tainui is going to come first". As I watched the race finishing and I listened to the rest of my team chant, what a beautiful day it was.

As I waited i got bored until finally Mr Jacobsen told the year 7 girls to get ready. There I was walking seeing my house captain's saying "go go Vanessa do it for Tainui" while I got to the start line hearing my team cheering for me I was shaking. Mr burt said " On your mark's get set GO". There I was sprinting as fast as I could.

when I was running a boy from TC told me to keep running strait so I ran strait. As I was running I heard a teacher saying my name so I turned around and looked i went the wrong way. I was angry at that boy that told meh to go strait. But I still caught up and came third. Running running on to my second lap I got up to Miss King and Ms Walters they told me to slide down for tainui so I did it.

When I ran past that finished line I was so proud of my self coming 3rd.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vanessa Movie Making Reflection.

Think carefully about the message the you shared about “Love”.
Is your message clear? Yes
Is your message entertaining and well made? Yes
Think carefully about how you worked this week.
Did you collaborate well with your group and come up with plan that everyone worked on? Yes
Did you focus your energy on creating an exceptional creation?

Write  at least 1 paragraph for each “hat”.
Post this on your blog.
Using De Bono’s hats is a great way to help you think about your tasks and learning.

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
The thing I enjoyed was making the movie.

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like.
I didn’t hate anything because me and my group was just having fun. But there was no fuss.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
It was interesting that all of us from our group all went and left one person to do the last job and that was edit and put it on vimeo.

White Hat - What did I learn.
I learnt to always remember to not wear a green wig in the green room.

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pan Am Flight.

 In 1988 21 of December, Pan Am Flight 103 was a Pan Am transatlantic flight from London Heathrow Airport to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport which was destroyed by a bomb on Wednesday, 21 December 1988, killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew members.Large sections of the plane crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland, killing an additional 11 people on the ground. The event is known as the Lockerbie bombing. There was 270 (259 in the aircraft, 11 on the ground. They found one woman with pulse, but 10 minutes later she died.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Favourite NRL player.

Hi my name is Vanessa.
My favourite NRL player is
Steve Matai (Manly Sea Eagles).
Steve Matai 
BORN: on August 5th, 1984 (age 28)
HEIGHT: 1.82 Height: 
SALARY: 250,000 USD (2012)

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Reflection.

Use this template to construct a reflection about your week making your Fairytale Move.
Post this table on your blog.
The good thing I liked about this week is that I finished my trailer.
The not great thing i didn't like was that some of the people from my group was marking around.
The thing I learnt is to put the camera close to my mouth so we could hear probably.

P - Positive - The good things
M - Minus - The not so great things

I - Interesting - The things I learnt and I can do better on next time.

Vanessa Jessica and Grace Movie Trailer.

Type of Shot
Voice Over
Little Blue wave goodbye to grandma

Establishing Shot - 3 seconds
Wide - long shot

Close up shots
4 seconds
One fine day Little Blue said to his grandma "I'm off to the park.” His Grandma replied “Okay.
Little Blue (vanessa) waves goodbye to her grandma (ANNLIZ).  Greenroom - Jess drawing background
Title: On his way to discover the park

Far shots
4 second
On his way to the park he meets a strange wolf.
On his way to the park(Vanessa) he meets a strange fox.(Annaliz)
Title: Theres a stalking sneaking around near little blue.

While Little Blue was walking to the park he didn’t know that the fox was stalking him.
Little blue (Vanessa)walking to the park,and fox (Grace)stalking him
Title:Ohhh no

CLose shot

4 seconds

Little Blue playing with a little girl.Who he somehow was the big bad fox
Little Blue (Vanessa)playing with a little girl.Who he somehow was the big bad fox (Grace).

Monday, July 8, 2013

Vanessa Perspective Student.

The boy was feeling determined, climbing the towering mountain. He was precariously dangling on the rock, nervous he might die. “Hopefully I will make it to the dojo as he was dangling on the leach. ” he said. After climbing that towering mountain he was relieved when he made it to the top.

When the boy got to the dojo the boy was anxious. “Boom boom boom” the sound of the big door when the boy knocked it. The sense opened the door, the boy was hoping he will get into the dojo. The sense pointed to the side door. The boy felt that he could prove sense he deserves to be in the karate class.

Just then the boy was calmed. He thought to himself he will be worthy. The boy meditate throughout the night and day. He frowned then his eyes squinted looking like he was getting ready to fight the master. As the boy was meditating the boy kicked the door and the master was there and he was showing  his moves so he could show the master he deserves to be in the karate club.

At the last time the man pointed. The boy looked it said please use the side door.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Caroline and Vanessa Goldilocks and the three bears.

Once upon a time Goldilocks went to visit her nanny's it was probably kilometers away from her house the street was 49c Rowena crest. While she was walking she saw three little bears she no idea who they were. As the three little bears were walking they saw a flash house that no one was inside.

They walked on the footpath that lead them to goldilocks house, they suddenly open the door and checked out her lounge. As they were in the lounge they saw a playstation, iphone 4, laptop and also a 52 inch television.

When they saw it they lift it up and put it outside next to the steps. Soon later they went upstairs and checked out her room. They try to sleep on Goldilocks bed, they couldn’t fit but only the granddaughter could. They went downstairs and they took the playstation, laptop, iphone and the 52 inch television to their own house.

Soon later Goldilocks returned home and she opened the door but there was nothing there! One day she went out and spied on some houses and finally found the right house, it was the three bears.

No one was inside their house so she went inside and saw all the things that were stolen from her. Goldilocks became upset and began to cry.

She went upstairs and saw porridge on the table, she ate it and she saw a small chair that was just right for her. She then walked upstairs and into their room and saw three beds. There were three different sizes, King size, Queen size and a single bed. FIrst she tried the king size but it was too big and uncomfortable for her, then she tried the queen size bed but it still wasn’t right for her. FInally tried the single bed and it was just right. She felt so comfortable, she pulled the blanket up and snuggled up with the pillows and fell asleep.

Suddenly the bears came home, they a saw the granddaughter;s porridge was clean and empty. They then saw that the chair wa broken, after seeing this they climbed upstairs. Much to their surprise they saw someone underneath the blanket, Goldilocks heard them and jumps up onto the single bed, breaking it. She then get’s her hands into position ready to defend herself.

The Grandmother notices how scared and angry Goldilocks was and comforts her. Goldilocks was surprised and asked her nicely if she could have her things returned to her.
The bears kindly gave it back, and now they are the best of friends.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Room 19 Fun Run.

This week on Tuesday room Nineteen went for fitness with Ms Sqiures. We thought we were going to play games but, when we got to the bottom field she told us to take of our shoes and we were going for a run. "Huh" I complain. When I was getting ready for the run I was thinking of beating my other time that we had with Ms King.

"GO" said Ms Sqiures there I was just jogging and all the other people were sprinting past except for me and my friend Mary "They're  going to lose there pace" I said to her. "Yeah" Mary said to me. While we were jogging I close my eyes because it was better we didn't  stop until we got all the way to the big tree.

"Man that was tiring "I said.. We were walking to the gold post I saw girls trying to beat us I said. Zoom we went me and Mary went nearly there, "YES we made it first girls". Through the teachers we made it 14 minutes and 23 seconds.

Hooray I felt good finishing with out giving up. Im proud of myself.

League Skills.

Every  Thursday room Nineteen goes to the hall for league skills. We have two tutors that come from professional league clubs. We start with a warm up and then we get into playing and some skills. We have learnt to drop kick, pass and a few other skills.

There are lots kinds of kicks you can use, one of them is when a ball is on the ground then you kick it, like in soccer. A drop kick is when you drop the ball and let it bounce once as you kick it, make sure your foot goes at the same time as the ball drops.  

One of the passes we use is horizontal. Horizontal is only used when someone is far away from the passer. Make sure you do not give someone a horizontal pass to someone thats close. Sometimes when I pass a horizontal pass to a player it fails. But I practice and practice to make it better.

When we finished league I felt happy. Imagining meeting one of the players from West Tigers, Benji Marshall would be awesome. I like going to league and every session we take with our tutors.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reading Reflection.

Pages 1-15
DATE: 8/5/13

This book is about a girl named Emma. It was night she was wide awake her eyes couldn’t shut. In fact, she was quite scared. Even though the light was on from the hallway she thinks it was still dark. It was dark and Emma couldn’t see what was going on outside and when she couldn’t see what is going on she imagine scary things.

This story is like my life everytime I’m alone in my room I always look at my window and then I imagine scary faces and more scary things.

Extra Maths

On Extra maths Ive done good and complete additions and now on to SUBTRACTION.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What My Friends Think About Me.

Last term my class was given an activity with a piece of paper stuck onto my back. We had to write something positive about our classmates while walking around. This is what my friends think about me.

One of the things that someone said about me was that I was funny.i liked this comment because I really do enjoy making people laugh. Sometimes when I make people laugh, they say I am the funniest girl they have ever met.

Some quotes I didn't understand but it was okay anyway. I figured some out and some of them said that I was their best friends. Some of them even said that I was a great friend to them.

I was shocked when some one said that I was very very pretty. I didn't think that any of the guys said that because no-one would ever agree that I am pretty.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Fiafia Practice.

For the last 4 weeks Pt England School has being practising Fiafia. It is really fun and the group I'm in is Hip-hop.  Our tutor's name is Loral.  She is really good. We have learnt a lot of moves and I'm sure I'm not quite ready.   There is going to be a lot of people watching and taking pictures. That's when I feel nervous .

Today we had practice the whole 1 hour when morning tea was finish. I was happy because I think I'm abet lost on the dance. So after morning tea I ran to my teacher so she could tick my name of the check-list and then I go to my group. My group is big but we didn't have that much space in the street. But we had to bunch up.

Then we had to go over and over and over the whole dance until we are perfect, in time and everybody got it. After we were finished we just talked when is our practice what time so to remind you. I like my group. Because some moves are funny and I don't like it but I'll get used to it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cook Island Dance.

On Friday there was a item from the Cook Island group. There was some professional drummers and they were really good and really fast. As they were talking up on the stage with his team I saw four pretty girls in Cook Island Uniform and it was awesome. When I was looking at them I could see two students from our class and some other older teenager.

BOOM BOOM BA DA DA goes the drums I could see the four girls shaking their bottom while there coming onto the stage. The one the came first up she was really good. And she had a sister that was next to her. Her name is Kimberly and she is really good.

When I was watching them I could see that a student from our school Turuhira  she was very confused and got some moves wrong. But unless she gave it her best shot and she was smiling. After a few dance they finish. The man that was leading the Cook Island drumming he just said thank you to our school and for the opportunity for to come and drum for the Cook Island Group.
And then it was finish.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Softball Game

Arriving at the tournament very nervous with butterflies in my stomach. Scared that we might lose because of me. Walking past other schools made me even more nervous looking at people’s faces trying to remember them from last year.

When we were walking looking for a shady spot to put our stuff. I could see good softball players I saw this good pitcher she really bowled the ball really fast. I asked her “Do you play for a club?”
she said “Yes.”
I asked her “What year are you?”
she said “year 7.”
“OMG” I said to myself. “I’m scared” I quietly said to my friend Grace.

When we were warming up I saw a team in a green uniform coming to our coach. “Nessa! Nessa!” my friend called to me
“What?” I shouted back
“They look easy!”
“You never know if they're good or not, just because they are short, palagi, and kind of look like girly girls.”
“Ok get into your positions Pt England you’re fielding.” shouted the umpire
“YES!” I said to myself because it is good if we field first so if they get home run’s we can count it so when we bat we can chase their home runs.

The backstop went first to bat. When Hope pitched the ball she didn’t bat it but it was a strike because it was a good one. On the second pitch Hope pitched the ball I told her “give her something to hit!” and she did it when the girl hit the ball it went towards me I ran and picked it up and chucked it to base one. “OUT” said the umpire. The second girl came that was the pitcher for their team. Hope pitched the ball and she hit it towards me high up in the sky I was panicking “OH NO! OH NO!” I said to myself. “GO NESSA! GO NESSA! YOU CAN DO IT!” I did it, it landed right in my glove. I shouted “OUT!”. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” my friends were laughing at me.


As the third person stepped up to the plate ready to hit the ball. The backstop and the pitcher were practicing throwing the ball to each other. Then the umpire shouted “START THE GAME” Hope pitched the to
the girl but she didn’t swing so it was a ball 1, Hope pitched again,she took the swing and a loud thud told us she hit it. When I looked up it went past me, past some fielders and as she ran she threw the bat into the diamond and nearly hit Hope. The umpire shouted “OUT! be careful where you chuck the bat!” the batter didn’t hear the umpire and kept running past base 1 and headed for base 2. “OI girl you’re out” I shouted when she stopped at base 2. “SWITCH OVER!” shouted the umpire.

The three people before me managed to get three home runs for our team. Umpire said “next batter”, I went up onto the plate feeling nervous because it was my first game. When the pitcher pitched the ball I didn’t go for the swing because it was a ball. I said to THUD was the sound of the ball that I hitted. The ball suddenly dropped on the grass as I heard everybody screaming ‘’run run run’’ I sprinted off as fast as I could I went past the 1st base, going on to the second base as the fielding team got the ball back to the 2nd base’s hand I ran back to 1st base. I got there just in time luckily I nearly got out ‘’Phew’’ I said to myself. As I finally made it home my whole team said ‘’Good Job for not getting out’’. 4 runs up thanks to our team.

After a few more rounds our team won 9 - 5.
It felt awesome to win our first game even if it was a warm up.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tuakana Teina (Your Older Brother And Your Younger Sister)

Tuakana Teina Reading

Tuakana Teina
Every Tuesday room nineteen goes to the library to buddy read with room nine students. I love going to Tuakana Teina because we teach them new words and we get to hear them read. But I had a partner that didn't listen, was cheeky and said bad words that we aren't allowed to use  so I told him to don’t use that kind of language at our school.

After I just told him to not use that language then Ms Tito said its time to pack up. Then me and my buddy stood up and got our books then we went inside we sat down to listen what Ms Tito said. And then we lined up and went back to class. I felt good after reading with the little kids, it felt like I was reading to my own brother and sister.

Friday, March 8, 2013


On a cold windy day our school  went to the Beach because we were having a Picnic. We walked to Pt  England Beach with Mr Burt. Mr Burt was telling us what the rules  were and telling us  where we were not allowed to go. While he finished telling us the rules. Me and my friends Serena and Grace went to go put our bags away so we can go play.

First we went to the Beach. Then Mr Burt said Team 1 can you get into your togs and met Mr Burt at the beach. After a while Mr Burt said Team 5 can have there turn for swimming. But then my friend Grace said I never brang my togs. So only me and Serena and the other year 7 and 8 was swimming. After we finished we went to get changed. Then we were looking for Grace because she was gone.

We found her  but she run away from Me and Serena. We said "why did you run away"? She didn't answer back and she just started talking to Jessica and Mary. So we went to go take photos of the school playing. After we took photos we went to eat. Then Mr J said it karaoke time people were singing and Mr J says next. After the singing we walked back to school and went home.

I had so much fun with my BEST FRIENDS, my friends are living this year so we had lots of fun together.