Thursday, June 21, 2012

Alien Pet Shop....

One afternoon i was playing with my friend called Makalita outside with my Puppy pet his name was Talise. We were having so much fun that my friends mother came over and said to Makalita its dinner it's time to go home. After that we said our goodbyes then me and Talise went inside. Then we ate and watched a movie called Fat Albert. Talise went to sleep early in our room i was worried, i didn't know why i was worried then i went to check on him. “Oh no he's gone what do i do now”? I asked myself. I ran up the front to the restroom and told my parents they were shocked. Then we ran outside and shout for his name “Talise, Talise we said then we saw two aliens  dragging him into the spaceship. “WOW i've never seen a aliane in my life i said”.


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    I like how you have combined reality (your family) with fantasy (aliens). This would make a good story.

  2. Hi Vanessa
    I love the way you wrote about your story and I didn't know you had a puppy named Talise what does you puppy look like. Hope I come back and visit your blog. From Mary Ikimata

    1. Thank you for the comment Mary Ikimata


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