Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reading Reflection.

Pages 1-15
DATE: 8/5/13

This book is about a girl named Emma. It was night she was wide awake her eyes couldn’t shut. In fact, she was quite scared. Even though the light was on from the hallway she thinks it was still dark. It was dark and Emma couldn’t see what was going on outside and when she couldn’t see what is going on she imagine scary things.

This story is like my life everytime I’m alone in my room I always look at my window and then I imagine scary faces and more scary things.

Extra Maths

On Extra maths Ive done good and complete additions and now on to SUBTRACTION.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What My Friends Think About Me.

Last term my class was given an activity with a piece of paper stuck onto my back. We had to write something positive about our classmates while walking around. This is what my friends think about me.

One of the things that someone said about me was that I was funny.i liked this comment because I really do enjoy making people laugh. Sometimes when I make people laugh, they say I am the funniest girl they have ever met.

Some quotes I didn't understand but it was okay anyway. I figured some out and some of them said that I was their best friends. Some of them even said that I was a great friend to them.

I was shocked when some one said that I was very very pretty. I didn't think that any of the guys said that because no-one would ever agree that I am pretty.