Thursday, June 13, 2013

Room 19 Fun Run.

This week on Tuesday room Nineteen went for fitness with Ms Sqiures. We thought we were going to play games but, when we got to the bottom field she told us to take of our shoes and we were going for a run. "Huh" I complain. When I was getting ready for the run I was thinking of beating my other time that we had with Ms King.

"GO" said Ms Sqiures there I was just jogging and all the other people were sprinting past except for me and my friend Mary "They're  going to lose there pace" I said to her. "Yeah" Mary said to me. While we were jogging I close my eyes because it was better we didn't  stop until we got all the way to the big tree.

"Man that was tiring "I said.. We were walking to the gold post I saw girls trying to beat us I said. Zoom we went me and Mary went nearly there, "YES we made it first girls". Through the teachers we made it 14 minutes and 23 seconds.

Hooray I felt good finishing with out giving up. Im proud of myself.

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