Thursday, June 13, 2013

League Skills.

Every  Thursday room Nineteen goes to the hall for league skills. We have two tutors that come from professional league clubs. We start with a warm up and then we get into playing and some skills. We have learnt to drop kick, pass and a few other skills.

There are lots kinds of kicks you can use, one of them is when a ball is on the ground then you kick it, like in soccer. A drop kick is when you drop the ball and let it bounce once as you kick it, make sure your foot goes at the same time as the ball drops.  

One of the passes we use is horizontal. Horizontal is only used when someone is far away from the passer. Make sure you do not give someone a horizontal pass to someone thats close. Sometimes when I pass a horizontal pass to a player it fails. But I practice and practice to make it better.

When we finished league I felt happy. Imagining meeting one of the players from West Tigers, Benji Marshall would be awesome. I like going to league and every session we take with our tutors.

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