Thursday, March 28, 2013

Softball Game

Arriving at the tournament very nervous with butterflies in my stomach. Scared that we might lose because of me. Walking past other schools made me even more nervous looking at people’s faces trying to remember them from last year.

When we were walking looking for a shady spot to put our stuff. I could see good softball players I saw this good pitcher she really bowled the ball really fast. I asked her “Do you play for a club?”
she said “Yes.”
I asked her “What year are you?”
she said “year 7.”
“OMG” I said to myself. “I’m scared” I quietly said to my friend Grace.

When we were warming up I saw a team in a green uniform coming to our coach. “Nessa! Nessa!” my friend called to me
“What?” I shouted back
“They look easy!”
“You never know if they're good or not, just because they are short, palagi, and kind of look like girly girls.”
“Ok get into your positions Pt England you’re fielding.” shouted the umpire
“YES!” I said to myself because it is good if we field first so if they get home run’s we can count it so when we bat we can chase their home runs.

The backstop went first to bat. When Hope pitched the ball she didn’t bat it but it was a strike because it was a good one. On the second pitch Hope pitched the ball I told her “give her something to hit!” and she did it when the girl hit the ball it went towards me I ran and picked it up and chucked it to base one. “OUT” said the umpire. The second girl came that was the pitcher for their team. Hope pitched the ball and she hit it towards me high up in the sky I was panicking “OH NO! OH NO!” I said to myself. “GO NESSA! GO NESSA! YOU CAN DO IT!” I did it, it landed right in my glove. I shouted “OUT!”. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” my friends were laughing at me.


As the third person stepped up to the plate ready to hit the ball. The backstop and the pitcher were practicing throwing the ball to each other. Then the umpire shouted “START THE GAME” Hope pitched the to
the girl but she didn’t swing so it was a ball 1, Hope pitched again,she took the swing and a loud thud told us she hit it. When I looked up it went past me, past some fielders and as she ran she threw the bat into the diamond and nearly hit Hope. The umpire shouted “OUT! be careful where you chuck the bat!” the batter didn’t hear the umpire and kept running past base 1 and headed for base 2. “OI girl you’re out” I shouted when she stopped at base 2. “SWITCH OVER!” shouted the umpire.

The three people before me managed to get three home runs for our team. Umpire said “next batter”, I went up onto the plate feeling nervous because it was my first game. When the pitcher pitched the ball I didn’t go for the swing because it was a ball. I said to THUD was the sound of the ball that I hitted. The ball suddenly dropped on the grass as I heard everybody screaming ‘’run run run’’ I sprinted off as fast as I could I went past the 1st base, going on to the second base as the fielding team got the ball back to the 2nd base’s hand I ran back to 1st base. I got there just in time luckily I nearly got out ‘’Phew’’ I said to myself. As I finally made it home my whole team said ‘’Good Job for not getting out’’. 4 runs up thanks to our team.

After a few more rounds our team won 9 - 5.
It felt awesome to win our first game even if it was a warm up.

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