Friday, March 8, 2013


On a cold windy day our school  went to the Beach because we were having a Picnic. We walked to Pt  England Beach with Mr Burt. Mr Burt was telling us what the rules  were and telling us  where we were not allowed to go. While he finished telling us the rules. Me and my friends Serena and Grace went to go put our bags away so we can go play.

First we went to the Beach. Then Mr Burt said Team 1 can you get into your togs and met Mr Burt at the beach. After a while Mr Burt said Team 5 can have there turn for swimming. But then my friend Grace said I never brang my togs. So only me and Serena and the other year 7 and 8 was swimming. After we finished we went to get changed. Then we were looking for Grace because she was gone.

We found her  but she run away from Me and Serena. We said "why did you run away"? She didn't answer back and she just started talking to Jessica and Mary. So we went to go take photos of the school playing. After we took photos we went to eat. Then Mr J said it karaoke time people were singing and Mr J says next. After the singing we walked back to school and went home.

I had so much fun with my BEST FRIENDS, my friends are living this year so we had lots of fun together.

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