Friday, December 7, 2012

Vanessa Netbook Reflection 2013

hat I like learning about my netbook.
The thing that I like about keeping my netbook  it is fun. It better than writing with a pencil and paper. I will love to keep my Netbook when I get older and get to other school that don’t use Netbook’s I will not have to write but I can type. And its fun doing my Math Whizz and my Studyladder.

What frustrates me.
I hate it when I draw on Tux Paint because when I draw the mouse goes everywhere. That just makes me want to break my mouse.

What would make it better.
Having to look at my netbook and not my math book at the same time.

How does school compare now vs before you had a netbook
I really like doing my work on my netbook better than writing on books

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