Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vanessa Going To Swimming.

There we were at the pools Mr S told us to go get change. After I i finished getting changed I was walking to the pool. I got into the gate and sat down next to the steps where you walk into the pools. Then Mr S told us we can go into the swimming pool.

Once I got into the pool I went and asked my friend Charlee if she wanted to race to the other side. “Go I said there I was paddling as fast as I can and flapping my feet up and down. Whoooooo I said under the water when I got to the end. I got up and I can see that my friend was struggling with swimming.

“Ok it time to play a game” said Mr S, “girls vs boys”. We played a game that Mr S has to throw the ball into the swimming pool and all of us has to run and get it and show it to Mr S so he knows that the girls or boys win a point. It was fun we won the game and we have to tell the boys what to do. So we decided to tell them to do the dougie.
“I felt good when the year sixes went camp because it was quiet and less people”.

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