Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Yesterday on Thursday Pt England had a cross country at 1:00 pm. When the bell rang I ran to my class to get ready for cross country. Once when we got to the courts we had to go in our year's I was nervous because we all year 7 girls had to run together. I finely found were all the year 7 girls were "Let us pray"said Mr Burt. After Mr Burt did the prayer the 5 year old started the race.

It was so hot watching the little kid's run so Mrs Nua decided to take us into the shade. There I was cheering for my Team House colour 'TAINUI' my voice at the same time struggled to yell our chant I said to my friends " Don't worry Tainui is going to come first". As I watched the race finishing and I listened to the rest of my team chant, what a beautiful day it was.

As I waited i got bored until finally Mr Jacobsen told the year 7 girls to get ready. There I was walking seeing my house captain's saying "go go Vanessa do it for Tainui" while I got to the start line hearing my team cheering for me I was shaking. Mr burt said " On your mark's get set GO". There I was sprinting as fast as I could.

when I was running a boy from TC told me to keep running strait so I ran strait. As I was running I heard a teacher saying my name so I turned around and looked i went the wrong way. I was angry at that boy that told meh to go strait. But I still caught up and came third. Running running on to my second lap I got up to Miss King and Ms Walters they told me to slide down for tainui so I did it.

When I ran past that finished line I was so proud of my self coming 3rd.

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