Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wearing My School Uniform To School.

I like wearing my school uniform to my school so my mother doesn't have to do lots of the laundry. And there might be more of my cloths and they have less cloths in the laundry. More that i like about wearing my uniform so if i'm walking to school with my uniform people will know i go to Pt England School.

And another reason why i like my uniform because its gots my favorite colours they are red and black. But sometimes i come to school with mufti cloths my are on the line still trying to dry. I always like wearing my uniform but sometimes i just don't want to wear it but wear mufti.

I like my uniform because it is comfortable and it the inside of our jumper feels fluffy. I like wearing my uniform because the logo on it represents my school Pt England. I like my uniform because when i am walking up to G.I  people from college says that my school and then they talk about their favorite teacher..

I'm proud of the School I go to PT ENGLAND SCHOOL.

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