Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Earthquke And The Tsunamy

Last week there was a disaster Earthquake and tsunami it was off the coast off..japan there was double on people, a lot off people had got dragged from the water away. that is very sad they took death.

Last Friday there was an Earthquake at Japan it was off the coast off japan,the Earthquake was 8.9 magnitude whoa that is a llot of magnitude I can't believe it.The Interminable Earthquake crashed all the buildings down they are stark in it.Some of them has phone so they could tell that its shaking.

At japan there was an huge Tsunami,There was a gigantic wave engulfed by the powerful water SPLASH!!All the people at japan was working hard on there houses they haved to block there nose and mouth so they can’t get the dust in side them.they would be not healthy.There was a earthquake which had formed a tsunami that had covered the coast of Japan!

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